District FAQs

What is a Crime Control and Prevention District?

Chapter 363 of the Texas Local Government Code allows for the voter creation of a crime control and prevention district to authorize the use of local sales tax to fund programs designed to reduce crime and improve crime prevention.  The Southlake Crime Control and Prevention District was authorized by Southlake voters in 1997 for a period of five years and was subsequently reauthorized by voters in 2002 for a fifteen year term.  The District is scheduled to dissolve in 2018.  

Recently, the Southlake Crime Control and Prevention District called for a special election to be held on May 6, 2017 asking voters to consider a twenty-year continuance of the current 1/8 cent sales tax.  Click here for election information.  

What does the CCPD do?

There are many legal provisions tied to the funding raised by a Crime Control District tax levy. Chapter 363 of the Texas Local Government Code outlines the permissible uses for CCPD monies.

In Southlake, the CCPD Board of Directors established four strategies to guide the spending of CCPD money for the district since 1997.  
  • Strategy One:  Enhancing Community Safety through Modern, Efficient Facilities. 
  • Strategy Two:  Enhancing Community Safety Through the Use of Modern Technology and Equipment.
  • Strategy Three:  Enhanced Community Safety Through Professional Development.
  • Strategy Four:  Enhance Community Safety Through Special Police Initiatives.
State legislation calls for the mandatory evaluation of the effectiveness of each strategy outlined by the board.  This evaluation is done on a yearly basis via the Crime Control and Prevention District annual report. The annual report examines expenditures made by the district each year and how the expenditures pertain to each strategy. The report also identifies if each project outlined for the year was completed within budget. This process builds accountability within the program, assuring citizens that CCPD funds are spent appropriately.

Since the original referendum in 1997, the District has been an important source of funding for police programs and projects.  The creation of the district is directly responsible for the land acquisition and construction of Southlake’s public safety facilities.  District funding has also been used to support the School Resource Officer program and other special operations projects such as the K-9 program and the regional SWAT program, as well as the implementation of modern technology and equipment like the body and dash cameras

Click here to learn more about the financials of the CCPD. 

How is the CCPD governed?

In accordance with section 363.101 of the Texas Local Government Code, the CCPD is governed by a board of seven directors. Board members serve staggered two-year terms that expire on September 1st. Each year, the officers elect a president and vice-president and appoint a board secretary. Members of the board serve without compensation other than for actual expenses incurred with performing official duties of the board. Board members are appointed by the City Council on an annual basis. 
Click here for more information about the CCPD Board of Directors