CCPD revenues are accounted for by the City of Southlake in a special revenue fund known as the Crime Control and Prevention District Fund.  The use of this fund is restricted to those allowed by law and approved by the CCPD Board of Directors.

Since 1997, District revenue has been prioritized for spending based on four strategies established by the Board:

  • Strategy One:  Enhancing Community Safety through Modern, Efficient Facilities.
  • Strategy Two:  Enhancing Community Safety Through the Use of Modern Technology and Equipment.
  • Strategy Three:  Enhanced Community Safety Through Professional Development.
  • Strategy Four:  Enhance Community Safety Through Special Police Initiatives.

To Date Collections

Since its inception through August 2016, the CCPD has collected $68,235,207 from the one-half and subsequent 1/8 cent sales tax.  Money collected by the CCPD is put forward in two major areas: capital investments and operations support as shown 
CCPD District Sales Tax Collection and Uses
Capital Investment

Capital investment supports the number one priority of the district by enhancing community safety through modern, efficient facilities. Since the authorization of the district, $30,355,506 in cash has been used to fund this goal. Cash funding in combination with debt service has been used to construct the DPS West facility, the DPS Headquarters facility, and the DPS North Training Facility. District funding is also being used to remodel DPS West, with construction beginning in FY 2017.

Operations Support

Funding from the CCPD has also been used to fund operations support, in accordance with strategies two through four of the district.  To date, $4,356,800 has been used to fund necessary equipment such as radio upgrades, SWAT equipment, security cameras, rifles, technology upgrades, town square security and school resource officers.