Outdoor Warning Sirens

Southlake operates six outdoor warning sirens that sound during severe weather events. The sirens are placed throughout the city and are designed to warn people who are in common outdoor areas such as parks and shopping centers. The sirens are not meant to be heard indoors. The outdoor warning system will ONLY be used when there is severe life-threatening weather and not for regular thunderstorms and small hail.

The City of Southlake highly recommends each home and business have other means to receive severe weather warnings and alerts, including internet, radio, TV or a NOAA weather radio which can be programmed with a code to activate when there are storm warnings in our region. 

When Does Southlake Activate the Sirens?

The City of Southlake only activates the sirens in the following conditions:

  • A tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service
  • Tornado or funnel cloud reported by trained SKYWARN storm spotters
  • Sustained winds in excess of 70 mph
  • Reports of hail larger than 1.25 inches
  • Other emergencies as needed. 
  • In addition to the six outdoor warning sirens located throughout the City, each school within the Carroll Independent School District and the Keller Independent School District are equipped with an alert radio that is used with the outdoor warning system, providing another layer of warning coverage for residents and visitors of Southlake.  
Outdoor Warning Sirens

Mobile Warning Sirens

In 2016, the City of Southlake introduced two new mobile warning outdoor sirens. The sirens are the first of their kind in North Central Texas and are utilized during community events. These mobile sirens can act as loudspeakers and are capable of providing event-specific warnings and information to large gatherings of people. 

Siren Testing

The City of Southlake tests its Outdoor Warning System on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm, if weather conditions allow. If conditions are favorable for severe weather on a test day, the test will not be conducted. 

  1. Amanda Meneses

    Emergency Manager