Sanitary Sewer line Improvements

Sewer service replacement across the street (1)
As the City of Southlake grows, so does the demand for capacity within the City's sewer system. Additionally, over time pipelines age and become a maintenance burden on our Wastewater staff. In order to minimize maintenance efforts and increase capacity, the City has contracted an outside company (Wilson Contractors) to install new eight inch sanitary sewer lines along several streets, both residential and commercial. These lines are larger than the existing ones and will be compliant with new City standards. 

The project began on May 1st of 2017. The project is expected to last throughout the summer months, with an expected completion by Fall of 2017. Work will be completed between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM, except on Sundays & Holidays.

For more information & updates, please be sure to check out My Southlake News, keyword "sewer," or contact Public Works Administration at 817-748-8098.

The project includes four locations throughout the City
  • Commerce Street & Market Loop - replacing old lines
  • N. Carroll Avenue & E. Highland Street - new construction to serve additional customers 
  • Casey Ct. - new construction to serve existing & future customers 
  • Summerplace Lane - replacing old lines