Health and Wellness

Infographic - Health and Wellness Committee

City staff is currently in the process of creating a new plan element; the Southlake 2035 Health and Wellness Master Plan.

This master plan will focus on improving quality of life topics such as:

  • Built and Natural Environment
  • Transportation
  • Aging Population
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Partnerships

Health & Wellness Master Plan Committee

Southlake City Council appointed members to the Health & Wellness Master Plan Committee on June 19, 2018. These appointed committee members will work alongside city staff to help develop this master plan element. All Health & Wellness Master Plan Committee meetings will be open to the public.

Primary Responsibilities

This committee will be responsible for: 

  • Reviewing existing City policies;
  • Evaluating the current health and wellness landscape in Southlake;
  • Analyzing current and future health and wellness needs and topics; and,
  • Formulating recommendations related to health and wellness.

Committee Meeting Schedule

Staff anticipates the development of this plan lasting from August 2018 into 2019. It is possible that the Health and Wellness Master Plan Committee will meet once a month during this time, with meetings lasting for an hour or more. City staff will provide advanced notice of each meeting, and meetings will be posted on an agenda and open to the public.

Health and Wellness Committee Information
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