Business Engagement

Business Engagement
In 2016, the City of Southlake adopted its Economic Development Master Plan.  In this plan, the City recognized the value that the business community brings and recommended strategies for the City to grow those relationships.  A formal business engagement program was identified as being a useful tool to learn about the concerns and future needs of our businesses.

The City has now developed a business engagement program  to demonstrate the City’s support for the business community and uncover opportunities to improve the business climate, find benefits for existing businesses
and a means for the City to establish a meaningful and productive relationship with our businesses.

How do I participate?

The Southlake Business Engagement Program is made possible by the people that want to assist Southlake in building our relationship with our businesses.  It will allow for volunteers and businesses alike to get to know a little bit more about the businesses that make Southlake what it is today.

Click the CONTACT US button below to sign up for more information and how you can contribute to the Business Engagement Program through the Southlake Business Buddies program.

What if I'm a business owner in Southlake?

If you own a business in Southlake and would like to participate in the program and be visited or interviewed by us, please email us at and we'll contact you for additional details.