Ready Southlake

Ready Southlake is an integral part of Southlake’s disaster response capabilities and creates a community that is more resilient and connected with those around us. Ready Southlake serves as a mechanism to engage faith based community members, the city, and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs) to create a resilient and a better prepared community, Ready Southlake will connect all of this entities. We’re stronger together.

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Ready Southlake opens the line of communication between emergency management, the City, and faith based organizations. This allows the City to understand the capabilities and resources of each organization specifically. With this understanding, emergency management can utilize each organization’s strengths when coordinating disaster efforts and include these organizations in the local emergency response plan and network. By joining Ready Southlake faith-based organizations will see their house of worship and congregation as a disaster response asset for the whole community.

Emergency Management can use faith-based organizations to pass out vital emergency notifications in the event of natural or man-made disasters and/or events.

Emergency Management can also communicate to organizations what unmet needs exist, not only in local disasters but in wide-spread and remote disasters as well. This allows Ready Southlake partners to align an organized effort of assistance, alleviating the duplication of efforts.

  1. Amanda Meneses

    Emergency Manager