The Youth Master Plan represents a brand new Southlake comprehensive plan element. The Youth Master Plan establishes clear goals and priorities for the next several years related to building up and encouraging youth in the community. More specifically, this plan identifies opportunities to engage with parents as well as business partners, educators and administrators, civic leaders and volunteers in the community on topics related to youth. The recommendations included within the Youth Master Plan provide a framework for pursuing initiatives such as youth leadership and volunteerism. Some of the recommendations within this plan provide City staff with clear guidelines and measures to approaching identified objectives. The adopted recommendations within the plan fall into the following three categories:

Leadership & Engagement;
Safety and Health & Wellness; and
Partnerships & Volunteerism. 

The Youth Master Plan was developed by the Southlake Youth Action Commission (SYAC) with input from the Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (SKIL) and the Community Engagement Committee.

Use this link to view the final plan: Southlake 2035 Youth Master Plan