City of Southlake FY 2020 Budget

The adopted budget is a plan that reflects the City's commitment to strong financial principles. It provides for investments in safety, mobility, infrastructure, high-performance management and continued quality development. It's also a budget that, in many ways, is built upon the strength of partnerships and volunteerism. 

What's does the adopted FY 2020 Budget include?

  • A property tax rate reduction to the lowest tax rate since the mid-1980s and the maximum homestead exemption allowed by law. 
  • Funding that delivers high quality service for ongoing programs that advance the City's strategic goals and meet customer expectations.
  • Enhanced mobility through expanded and improved roadways and sidewalks to better connect Southlake.
FY 2020 Budget Accomplishments Large
  • Allocations that ensure the highest levels of safety and security for all those who live, work or visit the City of Southlake.
  • Investments into our City’s future through capital projects like a new vision for the Southlake Sports Complex and important updates to our drainage, water and wastewater systems to keep them at top standards.

Budget Document

The proposed FY 2020 budget document contains a detailed and transparent financial look at the City's plan for FY 2020 to get the most value out of the everyday services that make Southlake great. For a high-level overview of what's proposed, read the City Manager's Transmittal Letter to the City Council.  

In addition to the Transmittal Letter, the following links offer fund by fund spending summaries, an in-depth look at the Capital Improvement Program, and a guide to the City's strategic direction. 

Table of Contents
Facility Maintenance Fund
Transmittal Letter
Technology Infrastructure and Security Fund
Budget 101
Economic Development Investment Fund
City Profile
Utility Fund Expenditures
Strategic Direction
Vehicle Replacement Fund
Fund Summaries
Debt Services
Overview of City Departments
Special Revenue Funds
General Fund Expenditures
Capital Improvement Program
Strategic Initiative Fund