Mayor's Alliance for Unity & Culture

About the Alliance 

After a video surfaced on social media in late 2018 showing local teens chanting racist words, Former Mayor Laura Hill began a conversation with local students about ways to make meaningful change in Southlake. Shortly after, at the December 4, 2018, City Council meeting, the Council gave unanimous approval to create the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture. (Resolution 18-050, Resolution 18-050A)

The Alliance’s purpose is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and city staff in the planning and implementation of programs and activities involving diversity, inclusion, and equality for all City residents. 

City Council made the first appointments to the Mayor’s Alliance in early 2019. The inaugural members quickly worked to develop a strategic framework and goals to operate under, which was approved by City Council through Resolution 19-016. The full strategy and operating guidelines can be found in the resolution, below are key highlights. Mayor's Alliance for Unity and Culture logo


The Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture works to strengthen, bridge, and foster a diverse and inclusive Southlake.


  • Promote public awareness of programs, services, events, and opportunities that respond to diverse interests, encourage community interaction, and promote a stronger sense of community
  • Strengthen communication and engagement in Southlake, including among neighborhoods, city government, and local businesses
  • Review research, engage stakeholders and partners, and recommend initiatives designed to spur and sustain community unity programs in strategic sectors of the community
  • Maintain and encourage inclusion, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status, and other kinds of diversity
  • Build community motivation to engage on issues, trends and best practices