North White Chapel Road Enhancements

The North White Chapel Widening Project was approved in 2008 as part of the Southlake 2030 Master Mobility Plan to improve safety and mobility. 

Phase 1 of the project began in 2018. This part of the project includes the construction of the roundabout at Highland Ave. and the widening of N. White Chapel from SH 114 to Highland. Paving operations during this phase were on-going and much of the new north and southbound lanes are now complete. Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed, weather permitting, by the end of September 2019.

Phase 2 consists of paving for the widening of N. White Chapel Blvd. from Emerald to just south of Highland. This project will also include reconstruction of screening walls and improvements to the public water, sewer and storm systems. Completion for this phase of the project, weather permitting is winter of 2021. 

Approximate Budget North White Chapel Boulevard - Emerald to SH 114: $14 million.

Approximate Budget North White Chapel Boulevard Widening from SH 114 to Dove Road including Roundabout expansion: $4 million

Temporary Concrete Plant Located on N. White Chapel

Temporary Concrete Plant Map

In order to keep the N. White Chapel Boulevard Expansion Project on schedule The City of Southlake will be placing a temporary batch plant to create concrete.

1. What is a batch plant?

A batch plant, or on-site concrete mixing plant, utilizes different types of machines to mix ingredients to make concrete and then transport it to the job site.

2. Why are we utilizing a temporary batch plant?

There is a shortage of Portland cement, the main ingredient of concrete, in the D/FW metroplex. The shortage requires typical mixing plants to ration supplies amongst contractors throughout the area.

A temporary batch plant allows the contractor to allocate all their cement allocation to the N. White Chapel Project. Volume and daily concrete deliveries are known since the contractor will know how much cement is available at any point during the project.

Creating the temporary batch plant will help keep the N. White Chapel Project on schedule with minimum interference during the school year.

3. Why was this location selected?

The project team assessed risks and determined that any further impacts to residents, CISD, project finances and the public were unacceptable. Time is of the essence and the certification necessary to operate the temporary batch plant was issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) because of its location to the existing project.

4. How long will this batch plant be operating?

The creation of the temporary batch plant will begin immediately. The project has been divided into two phases. The first phase would require the plant to be onsite for approximately 4 weeks. The plant would then be removed and returned 6-8 weeks later for another 4-week duration.

5. What days and times will the batch plant be in operation?

The plant will operate according to normal project work hours from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Saturday work will be by exception.

6. Will this batch plant affect traffic in the area?

Material deliveries to the temporary batch plant site will be scheduled outside of normal traffic rush hours. Concrete batched from the site to the project will be via truck during the normal workday. Single lane closures are expected regardless of whether concrete is delivered from the temporary site or a permanent plant.

7. What noise level can residents expect from this batch plant?

Muffled generator noise will be heard, along with the ‘beep, beep, beep’ of vehicles backing up on the site.

8. How will dust/air contaminants or from the batch plant be mitigated?

A water truck will always be on site to reduce the chances of windblown dust. A sweeper truck will also be onsite to keep the area clear of material

9. Who can I contact for questions/complaints regarding the batch plant?

Please contact Public Works at 817-748-8098.