Zena Rucker Connector

The Zena Rucker Connector will improve mobility between Byron Nelson Parkway and Carroll Avenue.  

The project includes the construction of the roundabout complete with public art and landscaping. The sculpture, Mockingbird Tree, by Michael Warrick, was selected for the roundabout's center. Mockingbird Tree celebrates the tree as one of Texas’ natural resources and represents the medical, retail, and residential developments surrounding the roundabout. The tree also incorporates three mockingbirds, which is the Texas State bird. 

The project also includes improvements to the public water, sanitary, and storm sewer systems. These utilities will be constructed in advance of the remaining connector between Matthews Court and Tower Plaza.  

Portions of this road, including the Pecan Creek crossing, were previously constructed in partnership with nearby residential and commercial developments. It is scheduled to begin late summer 2019 with completion expected within six months, weather permitting. The approximate budget for this project is $2,100,000. 

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