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The City of Southlake strives to maintain a strong and healthy economy and has dedicated time and resources to economic development, identified as a vital city function, in order to maintain a great business climate. There are various economic indicators that can give the City a better sense on the economic conditions in the community, however, these indicators can be limited in their ability to give local leaders insight as to what the City does effectively to stimulate and support business activity in the community.

To address this need, the Economic Development Master Plan, adopted in 2016, identified evaluating the City’s economic programs by conducting an annual business climate & satisfaction survey as a policy recommendation for its business retention efforts. In order to fulfill this requirement, the City conducted a business climate survey in February and March of 2019 that collected information from Southlake employers about their outlook and needs to determine if the City’s programs are meeting those needs and to obtain a better sense of the local business environment.

The results of that survey can be found below.

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