Neighborhood Sidewalk Matching Funds Program

In accordance with the City of Southlake Sidewalk Plan, adopted by City Council, November 6, 2007, residents can formally request the City to participated in up to 50% of the cost of designing and constructing sidewalks within their neighborhoods.
Neighborhood organizations and Home Owners Associations are encouraged to apply for funds to build a sidewalk project they feel would make a difference in improving the safety of their neighborhoods or provide critical connections to schools, parks, or other sidewalks.

Interested organizations should do the following:


  1. Complete a Neighborhood Sidewalk Matching Funds Program Application,
  2. Meet with the Planning and Development Services Department regarding the application and petition process. If the petition is approved by the Southlake City Council, the organization will then need to complete: 
    1.  A Sidewalk Participation Agreement with the Public Works Department. Additionally, the organization's 50% match must be paid before construction is set to begin on the sidewalk.
For more information regarding participation, please use the staff contact information on the right.