Submitting Correspondence via Web Form
While many people are able to handle their citations at our payment website and service window or by appearing at a court hearing, there are times when written correspondence is useful. See the information below on submitting correspondence to the court via web form. Please keep in mind that the Court's response to written correspondence may be to schedule the case for a hearing.

Correspondence to the Judge
Click here to submit a written request to Judge Montgomery.
Typically, people speak with the Judge in person in court by first scheduling a court appearance. Sometimes, though, a personal appearance is not possible or a simple follow-up to a prior appearance can be handled in writing. Click the link above to submit a letter to Judge Montgomery. Important: the Judge cannot hear a defense to your case prior to trial. If you wish to contest (plead "not guilty), your first step is to schedule a pretrial hearing with the prosecutor (see sections below).

Correspondence to the Prosecutor
Click here to submit correspondence to the prosecutor.
The prosecutor generally reviews cases for defendants who are contesting their citations. Typically, people speak with the prosecutor in person at a pretrial hearing (a one-on-one meeting with the prosecutor). However, there are times when either an appearance is not possible, or a simple written submission can resolve the dispute via correspondence. 

Send a Request to Schedule a Pretrial Hearing, Plea Hearing, or Teen Hearing
Click here to submit an online request for a scheduled court appearance.