Addressing City Council

Public Hearings

Citizens may address the City Council during any public hearing agenda item by completing a speaker card and presenting it to the City Secretary.

Presentations and videos that speakers would like to use during a public forum or a public hearing should be directed to the City Secretary’s office for review 24 hours before any regularly scheduled meeting.  Only then will Council Chamber communication platforms be made available for use during the presentation.

Each citizen presentation will be limited to three minutes including any video/visual presentation. Groups are asked to select one spokesperson to speak. No additional information may be given following a presentation unless specific questions are asked by Council members.

The Mayor will recognize each citizen appearing before the Council. After recognition, speakers should move to the podium, state their name and address for the public record. If the speaker is representing an organization or group, the group should be identified before the presentation. All questions and statements should be directed to the Mayor and City Council.

During staff presentations and City Council deliberation, there will be no citizen participation, except to answer questions as directed by the Council.

Public Forum 

There is time for the public to address the City Council on any subject. However, in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, the City Council cannot discuss, or make any decisions on any issue brought up during public forum, since public forum topics are not posted agenda items. Issues raised may be referred to City staff for research and possible future action.

  1. City Secretary's Office

    Physical Address
    1400 Main Street
    Suite 270
    Southlake, TX 76092