Town Square Residential Development

Applicants Rendering

On November 4, 2019, a community open house was held at The Marq Southlake to provide information to the public on a proposed multi-family residential project in Town Square located on approximately 7.3 acres located just off of N. Carroll Avenue south of the Police and Fire Headquarters building.

Please note that the City has not yet received a formal application to change the zoning on Town Square property, although it is anticipated that an application will be received before the end of the year. When any property owner wishes to petition the City for a zoning change, there is an extensive application process that must be followed, including public meetings to accommodate community input on the request. Because we are entering into the holiday season and understand public meetings are difficult to attend at this time of year, no public meeting on this potential case will be held before January 15, 2020 .

Additional Information Link/Source
Community Open House Town Square Residential Meeting Video on Demand
Cooper & Stebbins Downtown Residences Presentation Presentation
City Staff Presentation Presentation
SPIN Information Webpage

If the developer moves forward with an application request as anticipated, there will be several public meetings to review and/or consider the case. First, there will be a Southlake Program for the Involvement of Neighborhoods (SPIN) meeting where the developer will present the proposal. No action is taken at this meeting – it is designed for information sharing between a developer/applicant and the public 

The next step would be for the proposal to be formally considered by the Planning & Zoning Commission, during which a public hearing will be held. Once the P&Z acts on the case, it will then move forward to the City Council. Council will consider the case in public meetings where the public will be given the opportunity to provide input and comments. All meetings will be advertised in various ways, including newspaper notices, agenda postings, and social media announcements.  These meetings will also be available on the City’s On-demand video page.

Below please find links to the November 4th meeting video as well as the presentation made by the developer and city staff.