Cross Connection Control / Backflow

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow in a drinking water distribution system. Water that is always under pressure can only flow in one direction. You might ask, then how can water flow in reverse? Water will always flow towards the point of lowest pressure. If a water main were to break or if the fire department opened several fire hydrants to help fight a fire, the pressure in the main water line could drop. The water demand could cause a reversal in flow and the possibility of contamination needs to be recognized so it can be eliminated. A garden hose submerged in a hot tub, swimming pool, car radiator, or attached to an insect/fertilizer sprayer could siphon the liquid back into the water main. Backflow prevention assemblies are designed to protect the public water system from these types of concerns.  

Annual Test of Backflow Prevention Devices

Because backflow prevention assemblies can degrade over time, the assembly must be tested annually to ensure it is working properly. If you recently received a letter from the City stating an assembly has not been tested in the last year and are unsure of the status of our records, you may search our records. If you find any information you would like updated, please contact us at (817) 748-8082.

Need a company to test your assembly? Please click here for a list of registered testers. You may contact any tester not on this list to have the backflow prevention assembly tested as long as the tester registers with VEPO, LLC at [email protected] before testing the assembly.

Becoming a Registered Tester

The City of Southlake has partnered with VEPO, LLC for an online database and documentation of backflow prevention tester registration and documentation of the status of all backflow prevention assemblies. This change will affect your operations as a tester in Southlake. The major changes will include:

  • The City of Southlake will no longer require to register directly with the City. The registration fee of $100 currently charged by the City will no longer be collected. 
  • The tester will register with VEPO, LLC.
  • The tester will be charged a fee of $11.50 for each device for which information is submitted by the tester. 
  • Testers will no longer be able to submit testing information through paper format. 

Upon submission and approval of the registration with VEPO, LLC at [email protected], the tester will be added to the approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester List.

Backflow prevention assemblies on fire protection sprinkler systems are required by the State Fire Marshal to be tested and repaired by a full-time employee of a fire protection sprinkler company that is registered with the State Fire Marshal's Office.

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