Stormwater Management for Construction Sites

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulates construction sites through the Construction General Permit. While all construction sites are regulated and monitored for illegal discharges, certain smaller projects are not required to submit a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Because the TCEQ requires that cities regulate construction site stormwater discharges, the City of Southlake requires that all permittees complete the SWPPP Pre-Application form for review by Public Works Administration. 

Please be prepared to answer the following: 

  • Name and contact information of the permittee.
  • The number of acre(s) to be disturbed and a determination of whether the construction site is part of a Common Plan of Development
  • Where required, the Construction General Permit number is issued by the TCEQ.
Sediment from construction site enters nearby creek

What Happens After the Pre-Application Form is Filled Out?

The City of Southlake will review the information provided and make a determination if a SWPPP is required, at which point you will be notified via the email address submitted.

If a SWPPP is required for a project, you may submit the SWPPP to the Public Works Department by sending a digital copy (via PDF) through email or a file-sharing device to Madisson Dunn.

Upon review and approval of the SWPPP, the City of Southlake will provide you a letter of acceptance for use in all permitting processes.