Street Maintenance & Repair 

The Streets & Drainage Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for all of the preventative and corrective maintenance that occurs on City-owned streets. Maintenance includes: filling potholes, sweeping away road debris, repairing sidewalks and curbs, and other related tasks. As of 2017, the City owned 199 miles of roadway. 

A large part of road maintenance involves resurfacing old roads. In order to ensure as equal condition as possible across all of the City's roadways, our Public Works Department gathers an annual Pavement Quality Index (PQI) score. The score determines the condition and rideability of our City roads. Roads are repaired based on their amounts of traffic, as well as their PQI score. The rotating pictures below compare a damaged road to a resurfaced road. 

The Department’s minimum PQI benchmark is set at 7.8, however the City currently maintains a PQI score of 8.2. For an explanation of how PQI road scores are determined, click here

Another major responsibility of the Streets and Drainage Division is the City's annual repairs to the roads and sidewalks of Southlake Town Square. In order to avoid disrupting daily activities within Town Square, the Streets and Drainage crews work night shifts for anywhere between two and four weeks at a time. Pictured below is a night-time road resurfacing in Town Square from 2017.  

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