Water Smart, Outside

Being Water Smart outdoors is all about following water conservation methods, choosing landscaping that performs beautifully in North Texas, then applying only the water you need with an efficient irrigation system. One easy way to be Water Smart outside is to know when to water.

My Water Schedule

Residents, businesses, and Homeowners Associations are required to follow this lawn watering schedule, and watering must be carried out between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. on your designated days only. This water schedule was adopted under the current Southlake 5-Year Water Conservation Plan.

Lawn Watering Schedule

Conservation Measures

The City of Southlake has enacted year-round conservation measures due to regional dry conditions in the North Texas area. By doing this, Southlake is promoting stewardship of the environment and conservation of a finite resource. Water conservation is intended to be a long-term strategy to achieve per-capita consumption reductions and avoid costly investments in additional infrastructure to transport and store potable water.


Southlake has adopted a permanent twice-per-week watering schedule (City's Code of Ordinances) and maintains restricting the watering of landscapes and lawns using automatic irrigation systems between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. every day, regardless of rainfall conditions. The purpose of this year-round restriction is to prevent the unnecessary loss of water to evaporation during the hottest hours of the day. Watering during these hours is permitted only if using a hand-held hose.

 The guidelines which the City of Southlake follows are in line with regional conservation efforts promoted by the Tarrant Regional Water District and the city's direct wholesale water supplier, the City of Fort Worth

Getting to Know Your Landscape

Create a beautiful landscape with the help of Texas SmartScape! Texas SmartScape was created by the North Central Texas Council of Governments to help the DFW community design easy-to-maintain, water-efficient landscapes. Check out the Texas SmartScape website for a guide to the best native and adaptive plants, landscape design ideas, and nearby SmartScape plant sales.

Getting the Most Out of Your Irrigation System 

  1. Start with an efficient irrigation system. Thoroughly check your system every 1 to 3 years for leaks, broken heads, etc. Try our W.I.S.E. Guys Program to get you started.
  2. Each irrigation system is different. You will have to measure you irrigation system to determine how much to water when you water. 
  3. Then, water with the weather. Your irrigation system is best if used as a supplement to natural rainfall. And, please remember to follow the Southlake schedule.