Water Utility Division

Distribution System

Southlake's potable water distribution system provides drinking water for more than 11,314 accounts daily and consists of:
  • Three major pump stations capable of processing more than 26,000,000 gallons of water daily
  • Ground and elevated storage tanks with capacities totaling 21,000,000 gallons of water daily
  • Distribution pipe lines 302 miles in length (ranging in size from 6 to 42 inches)
  • 2,838 fire hydrants
  • 7,764 valves
PW Excavation Work

Division Responsibilities

  • Installing new water taps
  • Repairing water mains
  • Installing and replacing residential and commercial water meters
  • Taking water samples at new construction sites and conducting bacterial samples for compliance with TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) requirements
  • Creating the City's annual Water Quality Report with data provided from our water supplier, the City of Fort Worth
  • Logging and addressing all customer inquiries, service requests and complaints in the Munis and Beacon Eye On Water Work Order systems
  • Directing operational inquiries to the appropriate staff
  • Providing timely and courteous customer service
  • Leak investigations