Meter Specifications

***Note: Water tap size must equal meter size***

Southlake Water Utilities installs all
§  1 inch simple meters
§  2 inch compound meters
§  2 inch turbo meters

4 inch or larger meters are to be supplied by the property owner and drop to:

Southlake Water Utilities-Operations
1950 E. Continental Blvd.
Southlake, TX 76092

 4 inch or larger vault should be shipped locked to the construction site.

 Contractors should contact operations when ready to install the meter. 


Badger Brand Meters

1" Simple (Domestic or Irrigation)


2" Turbo (Irrigation Only)

2" Compound (Domestic Only)

4" Turbo (Irrigation Only)

4" Compound (Domestic Only)

6" Turbo (Irrigation Only)

6" Compound (Domestic Only)

8" Turbo (Irrigation Only)


Meter Price:

Badger Brand Meter (Includes cost of transmitter)

Meter Cost

1" Simple (Domestic or Irrigation)


2" Turbo (Irrigation Only)


2" Compound (Domestic Only)


4" or Larger

Owner Purchase

Water Tap Price:
If Southlake Water Utilities connects the tap.

Water Tap Size:

Tap Fee:

1" Water Service (Tap)


2" Water Service (Tap)



Effective April 1, 2017, impact fees are collected upon issuance of a building permit for the City of Southlake and the City of Fort Worth.

  1. Southlake Water Utilities-Customer Service

    Physical Address
    1400 Main Street, Suite 200
    Southlake, TX 76092


    Fax: (817) 748-8266