Applications, Fees & Submittal Schedules

Submitting An Application Online

All Planning and Development services applications are accepted in PDF file formats by email or Drop Box. Applications must be completed, signed and scanned in PDF file format. All supporting plans and documents must also be in a PDF. 

Send all documents to the email address below:

[email protected]

Please name files appropriately for easy identification. Applications, plans and supporting documents may each be appropriately combined in individual sets.  If your file is too large to include in an email, please contact us by phone to discuss access to a Drop Box. 
Submittals will be accepted for processing in accordance with the published submittal schedules included below. Upon review of your initial application, you will be forwarded an invoice for the application fee, which can be paid through EnerGov Customer Self-Service (CSS) portal.

Planning Fees

Please click on the link below for development application fees and Zoning Board of Adjustment application fees. *Please note all planning fees must be paid prior to the acceptance of a formal submittal.* All Planning fees are shown starting on page 9. 

Submittal Schedules

Please click on the links below for development application submittal schedule for submittal deadlines, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meeting dates and the Zoning Board of Adjustment submittal schedule for submittal deadlines and meeting dates. 

Development Applications

Oil and Gas Applications

For additional Oil & Gas information please click here.

Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) Applications

Please refer to the submittal schedule above for submittal deadlines and ZBA meeting dates. Please note that applications are accepted through email. Please send all documents to [email protected].

For additional information on the Zoning Board of Adjustment please refer to the City's Zoning Ordinance or see the Rules of Procedure for ZBA.

NOTE: For Sign Variances and Master Sign Permits, please go to the Signs webpage for the applications.

Other Applications & Links

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