Council/Manager Form of Government

Adoption of Council / Manager Government
April 4, 1987, Southlake voters approved home rule charter, which established a council / manager form of government. This form of government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials and the strong professional experience of a City Manager.

The Mayor and City Council establish policy and law. The City Manager has responsibility for submitting the annual budget, directing day-to-day operations, advising the City Council on matters affecting the city and appointing and removing city personnel.

Mayor Accountability
The Mayor's responsibilities include:
  • Preside at its meetings and vote
  • Serve as head of government for ceremonial purposes
  • Perform no administrative duties
  • Serve as spokesperson for the city
  • Facilitate communication

Council Accountability
The City Council's responsibilities include:
  • Determine purpose, scope of services, tax levels and constitution issues
  • Pass ordinances
  • Approve new projects or programs
  • Ratify budget
  • Make implementing decisions
  • Handle complaints
  • Oversee administration
  • Suggest management changes to manager
  • Oversee organizational performance through manager's appraisal

City Manager Accountability
The City Manager's responsibilities include:
  • Advise
  • Analyze conditions and trends
  • Make recommendations
  • Formulate budget
  • Develop service palette
  • Establish practices and procedures
  • Make decisions for implementing policy
  • Control the human, material and informational resources necessary to support the policy and administrative functions