More About Teen Court

Metroport Teen Court

Teen Court is a voluntary program that allows juvenile, Class C misdemeanor offenders to "pay" for their citation through community service and involvement in the judicial process. These cases are presented by volunteer Teen Court attorneys to a jury of the defendant's peers that is made up of volunteers for local secondary schools and returning youth who were previously defendants. Upon successful completion of the program, the defendant's citation will be dismissed.

Mission Statement

Metroport Teen Court strives to help juvenile offenders take responsibility for their actions, increase their awareness of the law to decrease the rate of recidivism, teach them to make better decisions in the future, and promote community involvement by providing volunteer opportunities to youth and adults. Metroport Teen Court will fulfill this vision with an emphasis on high-quality service delivery to all stakeholders. 

Defendant Eligibility

Teens must meet all of the criteria below in order to be eligible for Teen Court:

  • Teens who receive a citation for a Class C misdemeanor
  • Ages 12-19 years old
  • Is currently enrolled in secondary school of education (middle school or high school).
  • Has not completed a Teen Court program anywhere in the state of Texas in the last 12 months.
  • Must enter a plea of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest)
  • Pay a $20 fee per violation (ex: 2 violations on a citation will cost $40)