Dress, Behavior and Security Requirements

Dress Code

See below for a list of items which are not allowed in Teen Court.

  • Shorts or short skirts/dresses 
    (skirts/dresses must be 3 inches or less above the knee)
  • Flip-flops (all sandals must have a back-strap)
  • Caps/hats
  • Tank tops/halter tops (no exposed shoulders or clavicles)
  • Athletic clothing
  • Clothing that has holes, tears, or frays
  • Bags, back-packs, or purses

Teen Court reserves the right to refuse to hear cases from those who fail to abide by the outlined dress and behavior code. Violations in the dress and behavior code can result in a defendant's case being referred back to Municipal Court.

Behavior Code

Teen Court is a formal and very serious place, commanding respect from all who participate in its proceedings. All participants (defendants, parents/guardians, guests, and volunteers) are required to adhere to the following behavior code.

Teen Court prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, and obscene or profane language in or near the building. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is prohibited. Any form of horseplay or disruptive behavior will result in removal. Cellular phones and other electronic devices are not allowed to be used at Teen Court.

Security Requirements

All teen court defendants, volunteers, and parents will be required to go through a security screening process when coming into teen court. This process will include going through a metal detector (no pocket knives, sharp objects, or flammables). Additionally, teens are not allowed to bring any bags, back-packs, or purses into Teen Court.