Finance Administration

The main function of Finance Administration is to manage the following 
  • Accounts Payable issues checks in payment of invoices received by the City. Checks are disbursed on Friday of each week and mailed to the recipient. Invoices and inquiries may be sent to or call (817) 748-8187. Please refer to our Purchasing webpage for payment terms.
  • Alarm Permit Billing bills, collects and issues alarm permits and false alarm fees per City Ordinance.
  • Ambulance Billing is managed by Emergicon. Please refer to the Fire Department Emergency Medical Services webpage for more information.
  • Fleet Services coordinates maintenance of the City's fleet and rolling equipment, fuel consumption and tracking and management of the City's Vehicle Replacement program. Please contact the City's Purchasing Manager for more information on this item.
  • General Billing issues invoices for non-utility services provided by the City and other items such as leases, room deposits, Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) fees and Southlake retiree insurance premiums. For more information, please call Shannon Barton at (817) 748-8314.
  • Purchasing is responsible for securing the best quality products and services through the most cost-effective means while ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all. More information is available on our Purchasing webpage.
  • Risk Management includes insurance for City owned property, processing claims for damages, and coordination of benefits with the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TML-IRP). For questions regarding these type items, please contact Lynn Warren at (817) 748-8043.
  • Unclaimed Property is a State of Texas mandated program by which businesses and government entities report a listing of unclaimed property owners (usually reimbursement or payroll checks not cashed), enabling the rightful owners to submit supporting documentation and claim their property. More information is available on our Unclaimed Property webpage or the Texas Unclaimed Property site.