Alert Southlake 

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Alert Southlake is a mass notification system that allows the City to contact all businesses and residents in the community within minutes in the event of an emergency. This system also allows the City to notify businesses and residents about important community meetings or other community-related information, allowing us to improve communication with those we serve.

As part of Southlake’s commitment to public safety, community awareness, and emergency preparedness, Alert Southlake now allows users to subscribe to weather notifications. The system offers more than 150 different types of weather alerts. 

How Are We Using It?

With this service, city leaders can send personalized voice messages to residents and businesses within minutes with specific information about time-sensitive or common-interest issues such as emergencies and local community matters. Alert Southlake will be used to supplement our current communication plans and augment public safety/first responder services.

How Can You Participate?

As a user of Alert Southlake, emergency information including, severe weather alerts and West Nile Virus updates, will be delivered directly to you via text, phone call or email. If your home or business phone is a published number, you should already be in our system. If you have an unpublished number or do not have a "land line" in your home or business, you can register your contact information to receive notifications on your mobile device. 

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How Can You Manage Your Weather Alerts Subscription?

Once you have created an account, you can manage what weather alerts you would like to receive and what time frame you do not want to receive any alerts. The “My Alert Subscriptions” box lets you choose what you want to be informed about. The system has a total of 176 weather notification options. If you simply select the checkbox by the word “Weather”, you will be subscribed to all 176 weather notifications. By selecting the plus sign next to the word “Weather”, you can view the full list of weather notifications and select which alerts you wish to receive. You also have the ability on this page to choose the time frame you do not wish to receive any alerts. Should you choose to not select a time frame, the system will default to the City’s quiet period of 10:00 PM-6:00 AM.