Emergency Medical Services

Lieutenant Responsibilities
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and HazMat services are coordinated by EMS/HazMat Lieutenant Ryan Arthur. The EMS/HazMat Lieutenant provides training and education and insures up-to-date medical and HazMat protocols. He also supports fire suppression, fire prevention, hazardous materials, emergency medical and other emergency services, and provides supervisory emergency ambulance and fire response services.

Privacy Policy
For information on the Southlake Fire Department Privacy Policy, please view our HIPPA information. 

Patient Care Survey
Have you been an EMS Patient? Take the EMS Patient Care Survey below to let us know how we did.

EMS Billing
Billing for Emergency Medical Services is handled through Emergicon. Bills should be remitted to PO Box 610491, Dallas, Texas 75261.

Requests for medical or billing records can be made through Emergicon by contacting them by telephone at (972) 602-2060 or by correspondence at 1717 McKinney Avenue, Suite 700, Dallas, Texas 75201.