Your Taxes for Your Southlake

Almost daily, Southlake residents invest in our City Southlake, and we thank you for your trust. Take a look at how the City puts that money to work and how we’ve managed your taxes responsibly. Our goal is to build and maintain the community of your dreams while carefully managing costs. We are planning today for our City’s tomorrow. 

Understanding Your City Taxes Starts Here

Southlake was built with an eye towards the future. Town Square, each neighborhood, parks, streets, water, even sewer are all part of a comprehensive plan for a sustainable City that adapts to change but keeps its character. Each year, the Council has implemented a series of master plans with the City’s budget, methodically funding desired projects while adhering to established financial guidelines to ensure a secure and stable financial situation. As a result, the City enjoys a AAA bond rating and has been able to lower the property tax rate to a historic low. Residents also benefit from a 20% homestead exemption (the highest level permitted by law), special purpose (voter-approved) sales taxes used for specific programs and services, and yes, even very low debt. All of this works together to provide high-value municipal services as part of our plan.

What’s My Property Tax?

Tarrant County Tax Estimator

Tarrant County Appraisal District website

Denton County Tax Estimator

Denton County Appraisal District website

Helpful Financial Information

Tax Rate Calculations

State law requires a taxing unit to calculate two rates after receiving its certified appraisal roll – the no new revenue tax rate and the voter-approved tax rate. The no new revenue rate is the rate that will generate the same amount of property tax dollars as the previous year, excluding new construction and annexations, when the two years are compared.  The voter-approval tax rate is the highest tax rate a taxing unit can adopt without holding an election. The rates are given per $100 of the property value: 

  • This year’s proposed tax rate:                          $0.405
  • This year’s no-new-revenue tax rate:               $0.422415
  • This year’s voter-approval tax rate:                 $0.437526

For a comprehensive explanation of how the rates were calculated, please click here

Homestead Exemption Information

Infographic explaining Southlake's Homestead Exemptions
Graph showing average Southlake home prices for FY 2017 - FY 2019

View additional real estate data here.

Timeline of tax relief initiatives by fiscal year from FY 2009 to FY 2021

Sales Tax

A sales tax is paid on the sales of certain goods and services.  The City of Southlake collects two kinds of sales taxes – general sales tax and special purpose (voter-approved) sales taxes used for specific programs and services.

In Southlake, a rate of 8.25% is applied to certain goods and services.  In Southlake, a rate of 8.25% is applied to certain goods and services.

 Rate Use
 6.25%State of Texas
 1%City of Southlake general operations
 1/8% City of Southlake  - Crime Control and Prevention District
 1/2%City of Southlake  - Southlake Parks Development Corporation
 3/8%City of Southlake - Community Enhancement & Development Corporation 

General sales tax revenues are used to pay for basic city operations. Voter-approved special purpose sales taxes may only be used for authorized purposes. In Southlake, these taxes help fund the Police Department (facilities, equipment, school resource officers), park development, and maintenance and were used to construct and, going forward, operate The Marq Southlake.  The City Council, working with boards appointed to oversee the budget and activities of these districts, approves an annual budget.

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