Drainage and Stormwater

There's a saying that, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes and it will change. That's especially true during severe weather season, when a simple storm can turn into a flash flood within a matter of minutes. 

With Southlake's properties near bodies of water such as Lake Grapevine, Big Bear Creek and Dove Creek, you have a recipe for potential drainage issues on both public and private lands. The City of Southlake has an extensive drainage system, designed to channel rainwater.

Water flows from individual properties over land through tributaries and creeks, and beneath the ground in pipes, springs and aquifers. If there's enough rainwater, the runoff goes to major collection points such as Lake Grapevine or Big Bear Creek. When this happens, we see our water levels rise higher and flow swifter on and through our properties.

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