Street Maintenance Projects

The City of Southlake is dedicated to providing a safe and effective road network for those who live, work and play in the community. To do this, we have created the Pavement Management Analysis Program (PMA Program) that includes many processes to create our plan for each fiscal year.

Construction on street

Projects begin with a third-party survey with vans and testing equipment. The vehicles gather information about a road's surface distress, structural integrity and sub-surface stability. Once information is collected, it is prioritized through software based on the values given to each road. These values are combined with their traffic impact, safety concerns and resident concerns.

A list of road projects is then generated for each fiscal year. We then create a plan for roadway treatments that will increase the life-cycle for each road repair.

We are in the process of creating visible tools and dashboards for residents to stay connected with roadway projects, closures and their timelines.

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