Temporary Regulations for Southlake Businesses

Restaurant Patio Areas

Extended until Fall 2021

Temporary patio dining areas must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be approved by the City's Fire Marshal.
  2. Must not exceed 25% of the restaurants indoor dining square footage area or 800 square feet, whichever is less.
  3. Barriers must demarcate the patio dining area. Barriers can include temporary wood, metal or synthetic fencing, planters, or other devises approved by the Fire Marshal.
  4. Sidewalk clearance of Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards (36") must be maintained.
  5. Must be located on-site and not create a safety or traffic hazard.
  6. Cannot be located within a fire lane.
  7. Shall be maintained in a clean and orderly fashion and meet all applicable County and State regulations and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Control Regulations.
  8. Furniture, tables, and umbrellas must be stored inside the building overnight.

Outside Activities/Storage

Extended until Fall 2021

Institutional uses (schools, churches, governmental facilities) are permitted to set up temporary structures such as tents in order to allow activities normally associated with its primary functions to be conducted outdoors. The temporary structure must meet all zoning, building, and fire regulations.

Instructional classes associated with gyms, fitness studios and other similar uses may be conducted outside the building on the same property in which the facility is located.

Any tenant utilizing the temporary signage regulations shall have approval by the owner or property management company to place the signage on the premise.


Deferred until June 20, 2022

Defer the replacement of any required tree, bush, or landscaping materials on non-residential properties until the Fall of 2021.

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