Temporary Regulations for Southlake Businesses

As the COVID-19 emergency situation improves, businesses/activities begin to return to normal, and as State and County restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted, the Southlake City Council approved to terminate most of the temporary regulations that have been in place since March 2020. Therefore, the following temporary regulations will be terminated on June 30, 2021:

  • Off-Site or Outside Vaccination or Testing
  • Sign Regulations
  • Sidewalk Regulations/Sales
  • Parking
  • Other Activities - Food Truck/Outdoor Food Pick-up

However, there are a few regulations related to restaurant patio dining, tent permits (outside activities/signage), and landscaping replacement that were recommended to be extended until Fall 2021.

  1. Outside Activities/Signage
  2. Off-Site or Outside Vaccination or Testing
  3. Temporary Sign Regulations
  4. Restaurant Patio Areas

Extended until Fall 2021

Institutional uses (schools, churches, governmental facilities) are permitted to set up temporary structures such as tents in order to allow activities normally associated with its primary functions to be conducted outdoors. The temporary structure must meet all zoning, building, and fire regulations.

Instructional classes associated with gyms, fitness studios and other similar uses may be conducted outside the building on the same property in which the facility is located.

Any tenant utilizing the temporary signage regulations shall have approval by the owner or property management company to place the signage on the premise.

  1. Temporary Sidewalk Regulations
  2. Landscaping
  3. Parking
  4. Other Activities

Terminating June 30, 2021

The City will allow retailers to display and sale merchandise outdoors during the COVID-19 emergency subject to the following:


  1. Only local retailers who own or lease commercial building space within city limits shall be permitted to display and sale merchandise.

Hours of Sidewalk Sales

  1. Sidewalk sales can occur anytime during normal business hours but must cease by 9:00 PM.
  2. All merchandise and tables, racks, etc. used to display merchandise must be returned to the store interior by 9:30 PM.
  3. No merchandise shall be displayed outside the store earlier than one (1) hour prior to opening.

Merchandise Displays

  1. Display of merchandise or any activity associated with the event must be either:
    1. On a sidewalk or designated walkway in front of the principal building lease or owned by the merchant, and/or
    2. In a hard surfaced parking area located or owned by the merchant and only where the parking is off-street.
  2. Merchandise must be displayed on racks, tables, or similar displays unless the merchandise is normally displayed on the floor.
  3. Sales may not occur from a vehicle (car or truck) or trailer.
  4. No merchandise shall be displayed or sold in the fire lane or vehicular travel way.
  5. No merchandise shall be displayed or sold in designated accessible parking spaces, landscaped or loading areas.
  6. Each merchant shall be required to maintain a 44" wide clear right-of-way for pedestrians or loading areas.
  7. The display shall not obstruct doorways nor impede pedestrian traffic and all Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessibility requirements must be maintained.
  8. Normal ingress and egress to and from the merchant's store or premise shall not be impaired.
  9. No more than 15% of the designated private parking area shall be used to display or sale merchandise.
  10. Merchandise is prohibited to be displayed greater than 30 feet from the storefront.
  11. Sales transactions can occur within the establishment sidewalk sale areas.

Miscellaneous Requirements

  1. Merchants are responsible for displaying merchandise in a manner that ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the public and all Federal, State and County guidelines related to the COVID-19 emergency.
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