School Resource Officer Program

School Resource Officers (SRO) are committed to providing a safe campus and environment for teachers and students. Along with providing enhanced security, SRO's are also dedicated to making a positive impact on students by investing in their lives in a variety of ways. 

SROs work in partnership with the Carroll Independent School District to provide students with important messages about bullying, cyber-bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, internet and chat room safety, bicycle helmet safety and much more. They also serve as a positive role model to students through coaching and mentoring to help them make good choices and learn about the consequences of negative behavior. 

If you have any questions, issues or need additional information about the SRO program, please contact the Police Sergeant in charge.

History of the SRO Program in Southlake

The partnership between the City of Southlake and Carroll ISD began in 1989 when the first DARE officer began teaching in elementary schools. As the Carroll Independent School District grew and the relationship between the City and the school district strengthened, officers were also placed at other secondary campuses. 

From 2005 to 2013, Southlake & CISD schools operated with three (3) School Resource Officers. These officers were assigned to Carroll Senior High School, Carroll High School, and an officer who divided time between Carroll Middle School and Dawson Middle School. 

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, a School Resource Officer was placed in every CISD school. 

Other Responsibilities of SROs

The School Resource Officer is a resource for faculty and staff in the area of crime prevention and the development of security measures to make campuses safer. 

As a law enforcement officer, the School Resource Officer responds to all types of offenses on campus, takes reports, investigates criminal offenses involving youth, both on and off-campus, acting as both the first responding investigator and an expert in juvenile law. This allows for a thorough investigation by officers most familiar with the needs of children in keeping with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. School Resource Officers enforce violations of the law only, and do not enforce school rules, nor is their presence used to “persuade” compliance. 

The Southlake Police Department is proud of the partnership created through the SRO program and the positive impact it has on faculty, teachers, students, and parents. 

  1. Sergeant Preston Logan

    Sgt. Preston Logan


  1. Hernandez(1)

    Corporal Blas Hernandez

    SRO Supervisor

  1. Lucky

    Officer James Lucky

    Carroll Senior High School

  1. Rogers(1)

    Officer Frank Rogers

    Carroll Senior High School

  1. Rattan(1)

    Officer Cory Rattan

    Carroll High School

  1. Richardson(1)

    Officer Ken Richardson

    Carroll High School

  1. Pate(1)

    Officer Anthony Pate

    Dawson Middle School

  1. Roberson(1)

    Officer Brett Roberson

    Carroll Middle School

  1. TBA

    Eubanks Intermediate School
    Phone: (817) 949-5270

  1. Officer Wormley (1)

    Officer Adrian Wormley

    Durham Intermediate School

  1. Officer Rod Page

    Officer Roderick Page

    Johnson Elementary

  1. Cepak(1)

    Officer Scott Cepak

    Old Union Elementary

  1. Reeves(1)

    Officer James Reeves

    Rockenbaugh Elementary

  1. Smith(1)

    Officer Kim Smith

    Walnut Grove Elementary

  1. Teien(1)

    Officer Scott Teien

    Carroll Elementary