Solar Panel Ordinance


Solar Energy Systems (Solar panels) convert sunlight into electrical energy typically through photovoltaic (PV) panels or other technology that concentrates solar radiation.  Solar Panels are usually installed on residential or commercial roofs and in some rare cases, installed on the ground (ground systems). The popularity of installing solar energy systems on residential and commercial structures continues to increase as the efficiency of these systems improve and become more affordable.  As such, it is believed that more and more citizens and businesses will explore solar energy systems as an option to offset rising energy costs.  

Solar Panel Ordinance Amendment

The City of Southlake adopted an amendment to it's Zoning Ordinance No. 480 relating to Solar Energy Systems (Solar Panels) to expedite the permitting process time by allowing administrative or staff approval for some solar panel applications. City staff has developed regulations which would allow the administrative approval of solar energy systems less than 600 square feet in size (cumulative) and not visible from the street. The regulations would also allow the administrative approval of energy systems on flat roof accessory structures such as patios or gazebos.