Landscape Replacement Reimbursement Grant

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Earlier this year, the State of Texas experienced one of the harshest and devastating winter storms in decades. The impact to businesses was significant as many were already struggling through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and was then compounded by this winter storm that resulted in further lost revenue due to the loss of power and the availability of water. 

While most businesses have now recovered from the storm and the greatest economic impacts of the pandemic have passed, there remains some visual impacts from the winter storm, specifically the landscaping on commercial properties. Many commercial properties throughout the City have experienced the need for landscape replacement due to the extreme cold temperatures from the storm. While many have already replaced most the landscaping that was lost due to the low temperatures, the costs associated with acquiring the landscape materials was higher than normal due to the demand across the state. 

To this end, the City Council to provide local business owners additional relief has formed the Southlake Landscape Replacement Reimbursement Grant, a grant that will be funded from the remaining funds that were allocated to the Southlake Business Relief Grant.

The Southlake Landscape Replacement Reimbursement Grant Program will open on October 11, 2021 and continue until December 31, 2021 or funds are depleted.

Review the information below for eligibility requirements. For the adopted Southlake Landscape Replacement Reimbursement Grant Program Resolution, click HERE.

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The purpose of this program is to replenish required landscape material as defined by the City and to reimburse those business property owners who have spent funds to replace those required landscape planting materials. Only landscaping that is required by City ordinance will qualify for reimbursement.

Individual reimbursement grants will be awarded to Southlake commercial business property owners in an amount not to exceed 50% of total funds spent on landscape replacements up to $5,000 per business property, as defined in Section 5 of the adopted Resolution. The commercial business property owner will need to provide proof and show the landscape material that was replaced due to the impacts of the February 2021 winter storm. 

If eligible business applications exceed the funds available for distribution, the City will prioritize funding grants based on how the completed applications were received (first come, first serve basis).