Peytonville Avenue

A construction award was approved to address drainage at N. Peytonville Avenue and Raven Bend Court.

The project’s scope is to include improvements on Raven Bend Court to intercept excess surface runoff to accommodate the influx of stormwater.

Improvements will include an underground system for stormwater management, a concrete-lined ditch to convey stormwater, waterline relocation, and upsizing the waterline. This project also includes closing the existing gap on the sidewalk located on Peytonville Avenue to enhance pedestrian safety.

This project is anticipated to start late spring – early summer of 2022, franchise utility relocation permitting, and is estimated to cost $952,269.

As the City continues to expand in the number of residents and businesses locating to the area, so does the initiative to increase traffic management initiatives and maintain high-quality public assets.

2022.04.14 Upcoming Mobility Projects6
2022.04.14 Upcoming Mobility Projects7
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