Watering Restrictions FAQs

How long should I run my sprinkler zones?

Ideally, irrigation zones should be run long enough to provide 1 inch of water, or the height of a tuna fish can, on your two designated watering days or every 5 to 7 days if possible.

May I water by hand?

Yes, you can water landscaping, potted plants, sod, or grass by hand via hose and nozzle at any time on any day.

If I have a water well, am I still subject to mandatory water restrictions? 

No. If you have a water well, you are exempt from the watering restrictions. The City asks you to post a visible sign to indicate service from well water. As we are out enforcing the restrictions, posting a sign will help us identify those properties using well water versus City water and, more importantly, will ensure that you are not unduly targeted for any perceived violations of the water restrictions. 

Water Conservation and Drought Contingency: What is the difference?

The City of Southlake has both a Water Conservation Ordinance No. 895-D and a Drought Contingency Ordinance No. 662-F. A Water Conservation Plan is a combination of strategies to: 

  • Reduce the consumption of water
  • Reduce the loss of water
  • Improve the efficient use of water
  • Increase the reuse and recycling of water
  • Set consumption targets. Southlake’s goal is 268 gallons per capita per day by 2030.

A Drought Contingency/Emergency Water Management Plan is:

  • A statement of a water supplier’s capacities
  • A response plan to address external conditions including drought or system failure that may create the need to restrict usage for the protection of health, safety and welfare of the public.