Meet the Members

The Alliance for Community Engagement consists of twelve Southlake residents appointed by the City Council for two-year terms. The Alliance for Community Engagement advises the City Council on matters related to communication and engagement between the community and the City. The committee is charged with strengthening municipal transparency, public involvement, and collaboration and enhancing community spirit. (Ordinance 1263)

Appointment Process 

The City will accept applications to fill this board each year prior to appointments in October. Members are appointed to a two-year term unless appointed to fill an existing vacancy. Members serve at the will of the Council and shall continue to serve until their successors are duly appointed and sworn into office.

Residents interested in serving on this board shall complete an application once the application period opens and submit it to the City Secretary. Applications will remain on file for one year. If you have any questions on the appointment process, please contact the City Secretary’s Office at (817) 748-8183. 
  1. Danny-Batsalkin-Head-Shot

    Danny Batsalkin

    Place 1

  1. Scott-Cox-Head-Shot

    Scott Cox

    Place 2

  1. Mark-Flores-Head-Shot

    Mark Flores

    Place 3

  1. Tracy-Harrow-Head-Shot

    Tracy Harrow

    Place 4

  1. Muhammad-Samir-Head-Shot

    Muhammad Iqbal

    Place 5

  1. Kristine-Kemp-Head-Shot

    Kristine Kemp, Chair

    Place 6

  1. Michael-Kaucher-Head-Shot

    Mike Kaucher

    Place 7

  1. Renee-Thomas-Head-Shot

    Renee Thomas, Vice Chair

    Place 8

  1. Douglas-Lies-Head-Shot

    Douglas Lies

    Place 9

  1. DeAnn-Swinton-Head-Shot

    DeAnn Swinton

    Place 10

  1. Elisa-OCallaghan-Head-Shot

    Elisa O'Callaghan

    Place 11

  1. Sanjay-Verrabathina-Head-Shot

    Sanjay Veerabathina

    Place 12