Managing Hazardous Materials

Toxic / Hazardous Waste

Households generate a lot of garbage each year, but not every discard is a candidate for the local landfill. Many home and garden products fall into the category of toxic or hazardous substances. Products such as paint, motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, bug spray and fertilizer should be handled with care.

Proper Disposal

Without proper disposal, the unused contents could contaminate the environment and endanger the user's health. Consumers need to remember that some products kept in the home or garage can be flammable, poisonous, explosive or carcinogenic. These items should never be thrown in the trash, washed down the drain or poured on the ground. Many household hazardous waste can be taken to:

Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center
PH: (817) 392-1234
6400 Bridge Street
Fort Worth, TX 76112 

Tire Disposal

The Fort Worth Environmental Collection Agency will not dispose of tires. For tire disposal, contact Republic Services at (817) 371-2424 or your local Discount Tire store; they will properly dispose of these for a nominal fee.

Crud Cruiser Drop Off Events

The City of Southlake conducts household hazardous waste drop-off days each year. At these events, we will be unable to accept explosives, radioactive, biological or commercial wastes. To see when the Crud Cruiser will be in Southlake, see the City of Fort Worth's schedule, call the Crud Cruiser hotline at (817) 392-6268, or check the Crud Cruiser Page.