Public Documents

City Charter & City Code

The Code of Southlake Texas includes the Southlake City Charter, special and related laws and the general ordinances of the City of Southlake. The searchable, online version is hosted by Municipal Code Corporation. The searchable version of the code does not include changes to the code as approved by the City Council since the last update to the official printed version. There is an inherent delay from the time the City Council adopts an ordinance, which amends one of the city code chapters, until the revisions can be codified and included in the official code of ordinances.

Public Documents

As designated by city ordinance, the City Secretary is the city’s Records Management Officer. As such, the City Secretary is responsible for handling open record requests and maintaining city legislative documents. In order to promote transparency, the City Secretary's Office is focused on digitizing City records to be accessible by the public on the City’s website.

This link will provide you access to view agendas, minutes, packets, ordinances, and resolutions: Access to Public Documents

This link will provide you access to view conflict disclosure information, easements, election information [Campaign Finance Reports, Campaign Treasurer Appointments, Code of Fair Campaign, and the Election Register], property, and right of way: Other Public Documents

This link will provide you access to Southlake Building Inspections information: Building Services - Southlake on Demand

This link will provide you access to Planning & Development Services information: Development Related Ordinances

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