Jury Service

Juror Online Response to Summons
If you have received a summons for juror service with Southlake Municipal Court, you will need to file a response with the court.

Confirmation of Service
If you have reviewed the qualifications in your juror summons and are confirming service for the date of your summons, please complete and submit: 
  Form 1: Juror Service Confirmation.

Reset or Exemption of Service
If you are requesting a reset or exemption of service, or think you don't meet the qualifications, please complete: 
  Form 2: for Reset, Exemption, or Disqualification of Service.

Information on Juror Service
Southlake Municipal Court conducts jury trials for traffic, non-traffic and City ordinance citations. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, your jury service will very likely be for only the date for which you were summoned.

Jurors must be both a resident of Southlake and a United States citizen to serve with Southlake Municipal Court. Exemption forms or requests to reset your jury service date may be faxed or e-mailed to [email protected] or submitted using a web form linked above.

Dress code is business casual. No shorts, tank-tops, flip flops or athletic clothing will be permitted for jury duty.

All jurors will be required to go through a security screening process prior to being allowed into the courtroom. No knives or sharp objects will be allowed. All purses/bags will be hand searched.

Please report for jury service for security screening on the 2nd floor at the Southlake DPS/Municipal Court building between 9:15am – 9:30am on the date for which you are summoned.