Warrant Information

A warrant may be issued if a defendant fails to appear within 20 business days from the date of the violation or fails to appear for a court date.

Clearing Active Warrants

Defendant has appeared in court and has entered a plea

  • Pay the full amount either online or in person at the Southlake Municipal Court.

Defendant has not appeared in court and has not entered a plea

Option 1 - Pay the fine and close out the case
  • Pay the fine in full either by mail, in person or Plea form must be completed and submitted.
  • This will result in an automatic conviction
Option 2 - Post bond and request a court date
  • Pay the fine amount in person as a bond and request a court date
  • May prevent a conviction

If You Are Arrested

  • Persons arrested by Southlake police are taken to the Keller Jail - (817) 743-4577. 
  • For arrests made in other cities, the defendant is taken to that City’s jail and may later be transferred to Keller Jail.
  • Payments to release an Inmate can be made in person at the Southlake Municipal Court during regular business hours, in person at the Keller Jail after Court business hours.

After Release

  • Defendant must contact the Southlake Municipal Court within 10 days and a Court date will be sent to defendant's current address 

Insurance Violation Warrants

  • Proof of insurance coverage for the defendant at the time of citation will allow the warrant to be cleared without any fees
  • Failure to Appear charges for insurance violations that go to warrant must be paid whether or not the defendant has proof of insurance.