Did you know the Library has several tools and resources to help you with homework?  Here are some quick tips for using the Library online and finding materials to help you with the tough classes and your research projects.

Research Databases

Do you need to find information on a topic or person for a school research project?  Try our research databases which have lots of good articles on thousands of topics. You will need a login from the Library, so call us 817.748.8247 for help.
EBSCO is an excellent place to look for information about any topic or person. Search for Master FILE Complete in Resources A-Z.
  • Try Master FILE Complete
  • Click the Full Text box 
  • Search for your topic
  • The citation information is provided and you can choose the citation format.
literary ref center
Literary Reference Center is a great place to find literary criticism or information about authors and published works. Search for Literary Reference Center in Resources A-Z.
  • Try Advanced Search
  • Click the Full Text box 
  • Search for your topic
  • Get citation help at the Cite link in the sidebar within the detail of your results.
World Book 2
Your favorite encyclopedia and learning center online. Call 817.748.8247 for the login information.
great courses
Could you use a little more help for some tough subjects? Try our DVD classes for professional instruction. 
Don't see what you need? Call our Reference Desk at 817.748.8247 for more help.