Alarm Permit

Pursuant to City Ordinance 788, all Southlake residential and commercial properties that have an active alarm system capable of dispatching Southlake's Police or Fire Services, must obtain a City of Southlake Alarm Permit


The purpose of obtaining an alarm permit is to encourage alarm users and alarm businesses to maintain operational reliability and properly use alarm systems to reduce or eliminate False Alarm Dispatch Requests. Resolving and preventing false alarms is a joint responsibility of the alarm user and the alarm company. Homeowners are encouraged to identify the cause of every false alarm and contact your alarm company for system maintenance and/or additional training on how to properly use the alarm system.

Yearly Renewal

Alarm Permits must be renewed annually. Property owners will receive an invoice from Southlake Water Utilities-Customer Service, when the permit has expired. Upon receipt of the invoice, you will be required to complete and submit a renewal application along with the annual payment fee. 


Payments can be made in person by mail or submitted into the drop box located north of Town Hall in the breezeway.