Tax Information

The City of Southlake provides a variety of services and programs to support the community, many of which are funded using tax dollars.

Property Tax

Property taxes – also called ad valorem taxes – are locally assessed. The Tarrant Appraisal District appraises property located in Tarrant County and the Denton County Appraisal District appraises property in northern Southlake, which is located in Denton County. The City of Southlake, as one of the local taxing units, sets the City tax rate and collects property taxes based on the taxable value of properties within City boundaries. Taxable value is the appraised value less the value over the appraisal cap and locally approved exemptions.
What is Southlake’s property tax rate? The current property tax rate is $.41 per $100 valuation. Most of the rate ($.33) is used to support general city operations. The other portion of the rate ($.08) is used to make payments on debt that the City has issued to build roads, sidewalks and public facilities.
The City tax rate constitutes about 15% of the total tax levy in Southlake (depending on the school district).

2019 Tax Rate Summary (FY 2020)

ISD School District City of Southlake Tarrant County Denton County Tarrant County College Tarrant County Hospital Total
Carroll 1.3000 0.410 0.234000       - 0.13017 0.224429 2.298599
Grapevine-Colleyville 1.3267 0.410 0.234000       - 0.13017 0.224429 2.325299
Keller 1.4083 0.410 0.234000       - 0.13017 0.224429 2.406899
Northwest 1.4200 0.410       - 0.225278       -       - 2.055278
What are property tax revenues used for?
These revenues primarily support general City operations such as police services, fire prevention and suppression, City planning and zoning management, election services, records management, and park maintenance. About 20% of the tax rate is used to pay debt service on bonds issued to build certain City infrastructure.

How can I estimate my property taxes? 
Tarrant County provides information on Property Tax e-payment and Property Tax Estimator. Estimate your property taxes for Tarrant County.

How does the City account for property tax revenues and expenses? 
Property tax revenue and expenses for operations are accounted for in the City’s General Fund. The debt portion of the rate is accounted for in the Debt Service Fund. Click here to review the City’s budget. 

What is the City doing to lower property taxes?
Since 2009, the City has implemented more than six tax relief initiatives, steadily increasing the homestead exemption for residential property owners. Because the exemption is a percentage of value, the savings increases as the value of the property go up.

What exemptions are available in Southlake?
Southlake offers a General Homestead exemption of 20%, a senior tax freeze, and over-65/disability exemption of $75,000.

Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) is responsible for local property tax appraisal and exemption administration for Tarrant County residents. See what property tax exemptions you may qualify for if you are a Tarrant County resident.

Denton County Appraisal District is responsible for local property tax appraisal and exemption administration for Denton County residents. See what property tax exemptions you may qualify for if you are a Denton County resident. 

The Office of the Comptroller provides information on tax exemptions for those 65 years or older, disabled and elderly. 

How do I ensure that my exemption(s) are applied?
The following infographic explains how to take advantage of exemptions for which you qualify.

Infographic explaining Southlake's Homestead Exemptions

Sales Tax

A sales tax is paid on the sales of certain goods and services.  The City of Southlake collects two kinds of sales taxes – general sales tax and special purpose (voter-approved) sales taxes used for specific programs and services.
In Southlake, a rate of 8.25% is applied to certain goods and services.  In Southlake, a rate of 8.25% is applied to certain goods and services.

 Rate  Use
 6.25% State of Texas
 1% City of Southlake general operations
 1/8%  City of Southlake  - Crime Control and Prevention District
 1/2% City of Southlake  - Southlake Parks Development Corporation
 3/8% City of Southlake - Community Enhancement & Development Corporation 

General sales tax revenues are used to pay for basic city operations.  Voter-approved special purpose sales taxes may only be used for authorized purposes.  In Southlake, these taxes help fund the Police Department (facilities, equipment, school resource officers), park development and maintenance, and were used to construct and, going forward, operate The Marq Southlake.  The City Council, working with boards appointed to oversee the budget and activities of these districts, approves an annual budget.

How can I contact my appraisal district?

Tarrant County Appraisal District 
2500 Handley Ederville Road
Fort Worth, TX 76118
(817) 284-0024

Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector
1400 Main Street, Suite 110
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 481-8141
Denton Central Appraisal District
3911 Morse Street
Denton, TX 76202
(940) 566-0904