Core Service

IT Strategy Map

Minimize Security Risks

City Corporate Objective: Achieve the highest standards of safety & security
The IT department is responsible for preventing unauthorized access and external environment attacks that would jeopardize the integrity of information and systems. This is accomplished through strategic positioning of both hardware and software components designed to prevent such attacks and removes intrusions should they occur. These services are continually monitored by security partners and internally managed monitoring systems.

Provide a high performing service desk

City Corporate Objective: Enhance sense of community by providing excellent customer service and citizen engagement opportunities
The IT department is responsible for providing technical assistance, hardware and software, to all City employees. Our focus is to not simply provide assistance but to provide high quality service that meets current stated service level agreements but one that also enables services to be returned as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime.

Provide technology solutions and development services supporting city objectives

City Corporate Objective: Provide high quality services through sustainable business practices
The IT department functions as a partner with all city departments to provide each department with technology solutions, including development of new systems, to support each of their core services.

Provide technical solution consulting to support city process improvement projects

City Corporate Objective: Enhance service delivery through continual process improvement
The IT department is the primary Lean Sigma process improvement arm of the City. The department is responsible for developing and managing lean process improvements and full Six Sigma projects.

Provide cost-effective and highly available technology infrastructure

City Corporate Objective: Optimize use of technology
The IT department is responsible for providing a technology infrastructure, both hardware and software, that are both cost-effective and are available during service hours (24x7x365) with minimal unplanned downtime.

Provide a balanced IT cost structure minimizing discretionary spending

City Corporate Objective: Adhere to financial management principles & budget
The IT department is responsible for and organized in a manner to focus on reducing total cost of ownership of IT systems while driving continued cost savings throughout the all City departments.

Provide high value services through efficient management of resources

City Corporate Objective: Adhere to financial management principles & budget
The IT department strives to be a high performing department who provides services to all city departments that are value-added and cost-effective through proper management of resources including systems and people.

Provide technical and solution training both internally and externally

City Corporate Objective: Attract, develop & retain a skilled workforce
The IT department is responsible for ensuring its team is properly trained to support all current systems; keeping up with new methods/systems that can increase the overall value of city resources; and aiding in the training of city employees as it relates to IT systems.

Build a positive, productive & engaged workforce that supports the City’s mission and strategic goals

City Corporate Objective: Foster positive employee engagement
The IT department believes that its people are keys to the success of both the department and the City in providing services to its internal and external customers. We are focused on building a team that functions as a high performing organization and one that is fully engaged with the direction of both within the department and City.