Step 4

Abandoning Your Existing Septic System

The homeowner is responsible for contracting with a septic system service company to render the existing septic system inoperative. The existing septic system does not need to be removed; however, it needs to be abandoned properly. Here are the steps that need to be followed to properly abandon a septic system:

  • Connect the home to the City sanitary sewer before performing the remaining steps. 
  • The septic system must be pumped by a licensed pumper per Texas Admin Code. 
  • Once pumped, collapse the septic tank. 
  • The top and the bottom of the tank need to be broken. 
  • Once the septic system is collapsed, back-fill the area.
The plumber contacts the City at 817-748-8214 to conduct an inspection of the new sanitary sewer connection and inoperative septic tank