Development of Construction Plans

Construction plans and specifications must be prepared under the direct supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas, and must be sealed by the Engineer of Record. A completed Construction Plan Checklist is required with the initial submittal of civil construction plans for review, and must be attached to the plan set.

The Developer shall submit:  
  • Electronic plans (22"x 34" sheets) and supporting documents in PDF format. These shall be submitted via email to Zayne Huff ( and Lydia Ruiz (
Once the construction plans are deemed approved, the Developer shall submit:
  •  A minimum of two (2) full size (22" x 34"), and three (3) half-size (11" x 17") scalable sets of final plans, plus an electronic copy and any additional sets required for the contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, testing laboratories, surveyors, etc. to be stamped and signed "Released for Construction" by the City Project Manager. 
    • All plans for construction of the project should be stamped and signed setsOnly original stamped and signed sets are allowed in the field.
  • Developer Agreement if it hasn't been executed.
  • Payment and Performance Bond for public improvements as outlined in the Developer Agreement.
  • Cost Breakout of the public improvements that matches the Payment & Performance Bonds.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurances for General, Utility, and Paving Contractors meeting the Developer Agreement's requirements. 
  • Contact information for General, Utility, and Paving Contractors.
  • Marked Specification Booklet for the proposed infrastructure materials.
  • Approved applicable permits associated with subject site (i.e.Demo, retaining wall, TxDOT, Corps, etc.).