Development of Construction Plans

Construction plans and specifications must be prepared under the direct supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas, and must be sealed by the Engineer of Record. A completed Construction Plan Checklist is required with the initial submittal of civil construction plans for review, and must be attached to the plan set.

The Developer shall submit:  
  • A minimum of four (4) complete sets of civil construction plans directly to the Public Works Department listing the City Project Manager's name. If plans are not submitted directly to the Public Works Department, review of the civil construction plans may be delayed. 
Once the construction plans are deemed complete, the Developer shall submit:
  •  A minimum of two (2) full size (22" x 34"), and five (5) half-size (11" x 17") scalable sets of final plans, plus any additional sets required for the contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, testing laboratories, surveyors, etc. to be stamped and signed "Released for Construction" by the City Project Manager. 
All plans for construction of the project should be stamped and signed sets.
Only original stamped and signed sets are allowed in the field.